Want to phone or email MBF Leasing LLC or Northern Leasing Systems Inc. employees?

Employee Email Addresses and Contacts:


Jay Cohen President 212.239.3500 Jay.Cohen@northernleasing.com

Steve Bernardone VP, Chief Information Officer 212.216.8206 Steve.Bernardone@northernleasing.com

Ron Kincheloe Chief Financial Officer 212.216.8204 Ron.Kincheloe@northernleasing.com

Dinesh Kulangroth Controller 212.457.8488 Dinesh.Kulangroth@northernleasing.com

Rich Hahn VP,Sales 212.216.8500 Richard.Hahn@northernleasing.com

Sara Krieger VP, Operations 212.216.8202 Sara.Krieger@northernleasing.com

Harry Roth Director, Asset Management 212.216.8258 Harry.Roth@northernleasing.com

Frank Zito Director, Collections 212.457.8216 Frank.Zito@northernleasing.com

Allan Bey Director, Facilities 212.457.8442 Allan.Bey@northernleasing.com

John Fragos Director, IT 212.216.8334 John.Fragos@northernleasing.com

Natalie Nance Director, Human Resources 212.216.8212 Natalie.Nance@northernleasing.com

Isaac Taylor Manager, Asset Management 212.216.8260 Isaac.Taylor@northernleasing.com

Reshma Kamath Manager, IT Programming 212.216.8340 Reshma.Kamath@northernleasing.com

Michael Rodriguez Manager,Network Services 212.216.8226 Miguel.Rodriguez@northernleasing.com

Dorothy Szabo Manager, Collections 212.216.8246 Dorothy.Szabo@northernleasing.com

By the way, you can see pictures of these folks here: Jay Cohen

Not real pictures, but just for fun anyway.