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Help I was sued by MBF (Read 2807 times)
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Help I was sued by MBF
07/07/10 at 13:16:34
Ok back in late last year I was sued by MBF leasing. Our court date was in Dec. Well I was 8mo pregnant, live in Montana and broke there was no way to go to NY and fight. I wrote letters to the court as well as sent documentation in my defense and the court would not grant me a phone appearance.  I called the courts in Feb. and they said the case was thrown out because neither party showed up to court.

I have not heard from MBF until today, they sent another letter threatening to take me to court and report to credit agency.

My question is can they sue me again????? Is there anything I can do?
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MBF Leasing Sucks
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Re: Help I was sued by MBF
Reply #1 - 08/02/10 at 15:14:27
Could you give a little more detail?
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Re: Help I was sued by MBF
Reply #2 - 08/07/10 at 23:22:02
Yes i too was put through the ringer by MBF leasing and  going through it since 2007 and they trashed my credit ,   but i did get  a good attorney in NY because as you see you need to make an appearance, she did a great job for me and reasonable  her name is Christine    her  e mail is  ( slatcol@aol.com   my name is Robert Serra    She knows the whole story of the Company already
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MBF Leasing Sucks
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Re: Help I was sued by MBF
Reply #3 - 08/10/10 at 06:53:36
From D’Anne Burley Dated July 29th 2010

To date there is an estimated “300,000” victims going back as far as
1996, many are small business owners all over the US in Canada and the
UK (Forrester Holdings UK) They have over 21 Corporation Northern
Leasing I, II, III, IV VII VIII – XXI and other Shell business
licenses all over the US UK and Canada. Within the state of Illinois
Lease Financial Group also known as: LFG Group LLC LFG LLC and other
names, which included CIT, tied into Citibank, Merchant Services, RCI
out of Tinley Park and all of them are being allowed to openly
continue to rip off people all over the place while there are activity
in the Supreme Court of New York (recently gagged up to cover-up more
corruption being alleged and have two other cases filed in California
under a Private Rico Class Action and my case I filed within Illinois
Civil Courts. We have everything on them but the law enforcement
agencies all seem to be involved in “FAILURE TO PROTECT”



18 U.S.C. 4 Federal Reporting Crimes Act
‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable
by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible
make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military
authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or
imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.
Intimidation of Witnesses and or Informants in Violations of:
18 U.S.C. 1512
18 U.S.C. 1513
18 U.S.C. 1514
18 U.S.C. 1515

Failure to protect Citizens from Felony actions and concealment of
criminal activities within the states of New York and Illinois by law
enforcement agencies:

The Office of the Attorney General Lisa Madigan
The Police Department of Wheaton Illinois

And everyone who was in law enforcement who touch and read the
material evidence I had submitted for my claims and those of other
victims in and outside the United States.

I D’Anne Burley state that I had reported crimes in actions to the
following agencies and they refused to act and or protect me, my
family and others from criminal activities within the State of

We had gone to the police in every state, FTC, Comptroller of Currency
due to bank wire transaction fraud, The Attorney General within the
state of Illinois Lisa Madigan all of them seemingly only involved
themselves if they are told to so this, there is campaign
contributions made by all of these businesses and maybe this can be
the reason why there is no action of the part of those who within tax
dollars are hired to serve and protect.

The Policing agencies all are involved in failure to investigate
failure to protect and have violated their oath to serve the public

Name changes:

Jay P Cohen aka Jonathan P Cohen who was involved in a FTC suit jailed
for 3 yrs and continues to commit fraud.

Leonard Mezel aka Larry Mizel was the President of “Compass” which was
involved in creation massive junk servicing fees and was under

And others from within are using fake names in order to continue fraud.
They have contributions made to political campaigns of $100 to $2000
dollars and maybe via clout the policing agencies are thus told to
stand down within investigation.




Law suit in California
Just Film v. Merchant Services_First Amended Complaint (FINAL).pdf

Law Suit in NY

Their Companies


Traded on the Stock Market


Compass and their connection to the mortgage industry

Forrester Holdings UK

This Company loans them Northern Leasing the money for their lease
equipment and it seems that they have a lend on the business for
52.35% of its interest
In Illinois their corporate license within the state was revoked in
2008, still in business!
They have a city of Chicago License which is still operating but they
have no address! Giving out property that is non existing as the
company’s location like 65 West Wacker Dr Chicago Illinois. .

They have gone into private and business bank accounts without court
order and removed money as if they have validation to do it without
court judgment in so cases 6-10 yrs later after the lease expired.

Also within tax laws they took whatever loses as a bad debt within the
year the alleged customer did not payment yes they got tax credits for
money they took from customers and pocketed it all!

Katrina Victims have nothing no office business nothing but they are
still taking money from them. Others complain that they had no
equipment some had over $10k and up removed from their bank account.

Civil Rights are being violated and I am with all the others who have
contacted me will file complaints within the DOJ Civil Rights Division
against all of the agencies involved in a said conspiracy to use wire
transfers and other methods to violate the law within a cover of
corruption which may be linked to those from within that have clout.

Please call me 1-888-774-1432 each day I get more people calling in
about this and no media coverage in the Chicago area while its going
on within Chicago’s Gold coast.

I have all of the people’s names who are involved in this and all of
the other data showing corruption fraud and open conspiracy to steal
from business owners.

D’Anne Burley
1-630-313-0545 danne.burley@gmail.com

Please investigate thanks


To everyone who had contacted me concerning this issue please write
your letter and attach this to the copy and forward to:

Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC 20530
Ph 202-514-1412

Call them as w Letter from one of their victims I have more
ell to inform them of your complaint. Thanks
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Re: Help I was sued by MBF
Reply #4 - 12/15/10 at 10:35:04
I was just yelled at once again by the legal department from MBF Leasing, threatening to sue my husband for $3,095.01 for equipment that we have never had in our posseion nor used.  Does't matter to MBF that we were swindled by a company off of Daniels Island, SC by one guy named Matthew who met with my husband as we were opening my new Wig & Mastectomy Boutique after my own personal battle and treatment with Breast Cancer in 2008.  Matthew met with my husband and fooled him into signing a piece of paper, citing that it would only serve to keep him from driving over 2 hours in case my husband decided to go with the lease.  He did not ever show him the other pages that was the actual lease agreement, so MBF has my husbands signature and they want the money.  Matthew called me on my cell phone that day and I was aware that he was meeting with my husband, he tricked me into faxing a voided check, telling me that my husband had agreed.  Well, silly me, I faxed it, and have recieved nothing but threats since that day.  I called my husband and told him, he immediately called Matthew and told him that we were not agreeing to use their equipment.  We have both called the Daniels Island office more times than I can count, no response.  The equipment was shipped to us, we shipped it back. They somehow managed to get into our business checking account many times and take money out of our accounts.  We challenged them and was credited some of the money back once.  We were then forced to change our bank accounts and they managed to somehow get into our business checking account and take money out of there.  We have never been told by the bank how they managed to take money out of accounts that they were not AUTHOURIZED TO DO SO LIKE OUR BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  We have never been in possession of the equipment nor used it.  We have tried to explain our position to MBF, and have been told we do not know how to communicate from their legal department by Rashida Lefever, then when I asked to speak with her supervisor, she told me that I couldn't.  They have yelled at us on the phone, talked over us, would not allow us to speak, just keep repeating that they have a signed lease agreement from my husband.  They are now threatening to to collect $3,095.01 with legal proceedings, court costs if a judgement for our state is placed, a lien on real or personal property, Local Docketing, Wage Garnishment and Bank Restraints placed on us?  How can a company be allowed to conduct so-called business in this manner and be allowed to punish innocent people as they apparently are allowed to do from reading so many fradulent claims as I have now read?  If anyone can advise us or help, please call us at 843-442-2879 or email us at ladyleggs59@yahoo.com.
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