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7/30/2009: COMING SOON EVENTUALLY: Frequently Asked Questions (and the best answers)

Most people come here, wondering what they can do about this problem. They don't have time to sift through the Internet trying to find the answers. I intend to provide the best known answers to the most common questions asked by victims of this scandalous modus operandi, right here, in one place. Stay tuned.

Q: Can I just close my bank account to stop them from stealing from me?

A: If you close your bank account without taking addition steps to protect yourself before, during and after closing your account, these crooks will do one or more of the following in retaliation:
1) Ruin your credit.
2) Harass you with an annoying pleathora of outrageously rude telephone calls per day to your business and any other phone numbers you provided to them, have listed on your credit report, and that you call them from (caller ID).
3) Sue you, personally, in the state of New York, usually without your knowledge so it defaults in their behalf. Once you are sued, they can levy your wages, put leins on your propery, and generally make your life miserable.

Q: OK, so what about just putting a stop to their withdrawals from my account?

A: Unfortunately, these crooks will come at you with multiple company names trying to fool your bank (very often times with success). If your bank is wise to it, or you catch it and prevent it, they will take action listed above in the first Q&A.

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